Nayif-1 è stato lanciato con successo dalla Agenzia Spaziale Indiana ISRO dal Centro Spaziale di  Satish Dhawan , Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh alle 03:58 UTC di Mercoledi, 15 Febbraio 2017.

Centotre (103) altri satelliti sono stati messi in orbita nello stesso tempo. Nayiif-1 è totalmente FUNcube.

With this "cloud" of new satellites in relatively close proximity to each other, it will be a while before "who is who" is sorted out. Also no NORAD CAT ID has been assigned at this time also because of the proximity and the large number of objects.

New post-launch set of Nayif-1 TLE's has been issued by the launch authority and it can be downloaded from . (Thanks to Trevor M5AKA)

More infos at: AMSAT-UK